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College Swing Scholarship Selection will happen at Wild Wild Westie 2024 (July 4th through 7th) in Dallas Texas.  Applications are open now through 9am CST Monday June 24th!

An interview with the 2018 CSS Scholar and 2022 US Open Showcase Champion Emily Huang!

Learn more about the College Swing Scholarship from our 2018 CSS Scholar Emily Huang!  She's won the US Open Swing Dance Championship Showcase title for 2022 - learn about her journey and her start in West Coast Swing!

Hosted by Demetre Souliotes

Meet the 2019 CSS Scholar!

Lani Kim

2018 CSS Scholar!

Emily Huang

Emily Huang is a sophomore at UT studying Advertising. Huang started dancing at the age of 5, learning ballet, and continued until her junior year in high school. After coming to college, Huang was introduced to social and ballroom dancing in her freshman year. After competing in collegiate country competitions for two semesters, she decided to focus on West Coast Swing - her favorite style of dance. Huang has been learning West Coast Swing for a year and a half now. Huang is currently a teaching assistant in the UT social dance class.

2017 CSS Scholars!

Kristen Wallace and Caitlin Umphreyville

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