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What is CSS?

The College Swing Scholarship is a program and fund that sends 1-2 Swing Scholars to events around the country to further their dance education and to experience and learn from swing dance communities from all over!

The award period for CSS runs from January to December, but CSS is awarded the previous July (in order for CSS recipients to organize schedules). So for example our 2016 scholars were able to travel all of 2017 on their scholarship awards.

An independent committee chooses our scholarship recipients from ALL applicants (identified by a wrist bracelet given at registration). 

From this pool, 1-2 applicants are chosen each year.

During Wild Wild Westie, all college students are invited to participate in a college-only workshop and pizza party mixer.

The two 2024 college swing scholarship workshops will be taught by 1) Jaden Pfeiffer and 2) Felicia Hoeppner and Keerigan Rudd, sponsored by Suma Datta and Scott Dawson on behalf of Aggie Westies.

The 2024 pizza party (held after the Friday workshop) is sponsored by Tracy Wang. 

CSS Class 2016 with Demetre, Malia, Brandon and Kristen!

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