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How to apply to the CSS Scholarship?

To be eligible you MUST be: 


1) a full-time college student (just recently graduated is also accepted) under the age of 26
2) attend Wild Wild Westie 2023
3) register as a candidate prior to the start of WWW weekend. No late registrations will be considered. Register by sending via email your NAME, College affiliation, Status (full time, e.g. Freshman), age, a CURRENT and CLEAR picture and and provide short (1000 word MAX  for each response)  to the following questions to

When did you start dancing and what are your goals for this next year?
How would CSS be able to help you achieve these goals (e.g. do you have a financial need?)
How have you contributed to your dance community in this last year?

What do you feel will be your contribution to the dance community as a College Swing Scholar?

As a College Swing Scholar - you will be a representative of the organization and will be asked to contribute to blogs detailing your experiences and serving in future search committees.  Furthermore, you will be expected to abide by a code of conduct detailed on the Wild Wild Westie website at all events that you attend. 

All applications are due June 26th 2023.  

At Wild Wild Westie, all candidates will be given a wristband indicating their status as a candidate.  Our search committee will be around to get to know you.  They will be observing as fellow attendees, some will be teaching workshops and judging, and others will be just there to get talk and learn more about you.

We will be judging on 

1) Potential to contribute to the community (as an organizer, leader, teacher)

2) Sportsmanship

3) Would this scholarship help you in a substantial way to progress your dance? 

   (e.g. financial need)

CSS 2023 Committee members (To be confirmed)

Sherry Reynolds (Chair)

Kristin Ott (Aggie Westies)

Emily Huang

Demetre Souliotes

Colleen Uspensky

Arthur Uspensky

Hieu Le

Joel Torgeson

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