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Austin Swing Dance Championships

ASDC has been of my all-time favorite events since I started dancing. It was the first competition that I traveled to as well as my first novice competition and one of the reasons I fell in love with traveling for dance. Having an amazing weekend filled with amazing friends, great music and wonderful food is all I ever want, and ASDC is a great reminder to why I love dancing. I thought of no better way to share my experience at ASDC than this:

A is for Atmosphere – The vibe that I get while being at ASDC is not like any other. Texas has become my home and there is nothing that I love more than going to Texas events. Between the music, the people, and the staff, the atmosphere that ASDC has is amazing. Debbie, Angel, and Rick do an amazing job putting on this event each year and it shows from the moment that I arrive. I love the warm welcome I get at ASDC and its such a great start to the year! It is such a great time to see people and even get to see the people I only get to at ASDC!

S is for Schedule – From Jack and Jill’s to Strictly to Pro-am’s (both strictly ad Jack and Jill) to the AANCE Finals, there are so many amazing events on the schedule!!! This isn’t even including all the amazing workshops that are given throughout the weekend by the incredible staff! One of my favorite parts of a competition weekend is being able to compete and watch so many of my amazing friends do what they love! Being able to see so many amazing people compete in such a variety of events throughout the weekend just speaks to how amazing the schedule is at ASDC. There is really no event like ASDC and I would never miss it!

D is for Dancers – HOLY COW!!!!! Every year ASDC is filled with the best grouping of amazing dancers! Texas has so many great dancers and this is one of the few times of year everyone is more or less in the same place! I find myself out dancing every night till they are shutting down the ballroom, and even then, I’m not ready to be done dancing! The late-night dancing probably one of my favorite parts of the event. The music is amazing and I get the opportunity to dance with so many amazing dancers….it make time fly by and before I know it it’s 6am! The music played by the amazing DJ’s is such a great part of the week and it keeps people dancing!

C is for Champions – The first time I ever went to ASDC I made it my mission to earn one first place jackets. For those of you who don’t know, ASDC gives out these AMAZING jackets for every first-place couple in every division. They all say ASDC Champion on them! And I knew that I wanted one. Every year that I have been at ASDC I have yet to earn one, but this year was my year! I finally accomplished my goal of winning an ASDC jacket!!!!! I was so lucky to have won first place in Intermediate Strictly with the INCREDIBLE Vince Keller. It was like a dream come true! And even though I had incredible dances in pro-am strictly with Brandon Parker and even more fun dances in pro-am Jack and Jill with Terry Roseborough (AKA T-Rose, Sexy Chocolate) the dances I had in strictly finals were some of my favorites. It was just a weekend full of great dances all around and having finally won a first-place jacket just was the icing on the cake to one of my favorite event weekends of the year!

With all the amazing things that ASDC encompasses, I will always look forward to the event. Every year I have been has been better than the last. I feel so at home when I am at ASDC and just want to continue to have an amazing time at one of my favorite events of the year! I will recommend ASDC to anyone who ask and already can’t wait for next year!

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