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Meet the new CSS Scholar for 2018! Emily Huang!

Meet the new CSS Scholar Emily Huang!

Reposted from Suma Datta, Chair of 2017 CSS Committee at Wild Wild Westie:

Choosing our 2017 College Swing Scholar was a difficult choice--we had so many outstanding applications, and such strong showings by those applicants at Wild Wild Westie in workshops, social dancing, and competitions. We wish we had more scholarships to give out. The finalists were Kendall Byers (College Station, Texas), Emily Huang (Austin, Texas), Annie Lockmiller (Berkeley, California), Celina Nelson (Minneapolis, Minnesota), and Hannah Young (Fayetteville, Arkansas).

Our 2017 College Swing Scholar is Emily Huang! Congratulations Emily, and thank you to all the applicants for everything you do to support and build the Westie community. You are a big part of why the WCS community is such a great place to be.

Thanks to the generosity of many people, Emily will receive the following:

1. A private lesson with Malia San Nicolas 2. A private lesson with Demetre Souliotes 3. Teacher training with Taletha Jouzdani 4. Judging training with Stevie Blakely 5. Transportation, hotel, competition fees, and event pass to: a. Austin Swing Dance Championships b. Wild Wild Westie c. Austin Rocks 6. Transportation, hotel, competition fees, and event pass to two out of Texas events. 7. Event passes to Jack n'Jill O'Rama (Ben Morris), Swingtacular (Ben McHenry and Cameo Cross), Halloween SwingThing (Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollman), and The After Party (Demetre Souliotis). 8. Hosting by Malia San Nicolas and Demetre Souliotis for a SoCal dance trip!

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